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Nursing Mother's Drink

This is a recipe that Yogi Ji shared with moms to drink after their babies are born for at least 40 days to enrichen their milk supply, heal their uterus after birthing and have that protein satisfaction while nursing.


12oz Milk

6-8 blanched almonds soaked/peeled (almonds should be soaked overnight, steeped in hot water for 1 minute (the water should have been boiled), then strain them while running cold water on them to blanch and then peel them or you can purchase these already sliced, slivered or whole blanched almonds) - but they must be the peeled blanched almonds

2 Tablespoons ghee (clarified butter) - Ghee or Clarified Butter can also be purchased at the Indian Grocery Store

1-2 teaspoons honey or maple syrup


Put above ingredients in blender and blend until smooth. Heat until warm before serving.


You'll need enough for once a day for whole week after birth so you feel taken care of in a special way while transitioning into the rhythm of feeding your baby. Yogi Ji used to say that nursing is like running 10 miles a day. So each week for six weeks starting just after baby is born, have your husband/mom/sister/friend/cook make a week's worth of these drinks so you can easily have one each day. It might take a couple of blender's to do it, but they can multiple this recipe by three into each blender. After it's blended either pour into separate cups (Smart & Final has some kids cups with straws that work) or into a larger container in your refrigerator. Before pouring into a cup, use a whisk to mix well and either heat on the stove in a pan or microwave until warm before drinking.