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The Green Cleanse with Recipes and Meal Suggestions

The Green Cleanse


Getting Started and Getting Ready for the Cleanse


The 40 Day Green Diet as given in the Foods for Health & Healing book, Pg. 76 & 77


If you are concerned you cannot do this for 40 days, try to do it for 10, 15, 20 or even 30 days before you commit to a 40 day period. Your discipline will strengthen through practice and experience. Once you've experience how cleansing affects your physical body, you get why it's important to cleanse.


This is a rebuilding diet. It is used to alkalinize the body, lose weight, clear the skin and cleanse the liver. It is also useful in relieving a toxic mucous condition. For forty days, eat only green foods. That means salads, steamed greens, avocados, sprouts, green olives and mung beans. Unless you are using this diet to correct acne, green fruits such as honeydew, green apples and green grapes can be included. Yogi tea can be taken throughout the fast. Once a week, if you feel that you need more protein, you can eat a handful of nuts and a portion of cooked grains, but don't overdo it! By eating too many nuts and grains you'll give yourself a stomach ache and defeat the purpose of your fast. When you break the fast, add fruits, then grains, and finally dairy.


In addition to the foods mentioned above, here are some other green food recipes and meal suggestions below for the Green Cleanse. You can get pretty creative on this Green Cleanse and stay mostly within the guidelines of the above mentioned cleanse. Near the bottom of this page there is a link to a list of green foods. You can also create or google green recipes using a list of green foods provided and/or think of other green foods that are not on the list and come up with recipes for those foods. If you email me your green recipes, given they fit within the scheme of this Cleanse, I will post them on this cleanse web page. Send to


Green Breakfast Ideas

Green Salad / Dressing Ideas

Green Lunch / Dinner Ideas

Green Drink / Smoothie Ideas

Green Snack Ideas

Green Desserts

Feel A Need for More Protein on This Diet?

All About Mung Beans and Some More Recipes

Pritam Hari's Neutral Suggestions on the Green Diet

Green Foods for the Green Cleanse, List of




**Green Breakfast Ideas**


Apple & Avocado Salad, Green


Apples, Hot Stewed Green


Green Fruit Salad


Green Smoothie (Watch Jenna how to make from Blip.TV)


Lemony Mint Green Smoothie


Green Smoothies are simple – take any fresh greens you like and blend them with fruit. My current favorite is spinach with 2 big pears. Spinach builds strong bones! And a clean colon, but Popeye was quiet about that. Remember the Variety Rule – don’t eat today what you ate yesterday. Blend different fruits and greens each day. Vita-Mix is the best blender. From the eatsprouts website.


Green Grapes, A bunch of


Fresh Juice A Juice Feasting Blog


Juice to cure constipation on ehow


Honeydew, 1 Bowl of, cut in 1" pieces


Kiwis, 1 Bowl of, Halve a few kiwis - eat the inside with a spoon


Watermelon, 1 Bowl of, cut in 1" pieces


Dr. Yogis Green Drink


**Green Salad / Dressing Ideas**


Artichoke Salad from Busy Cooks website


Asian Style Spinach Salad


Broccoli & Green Beans Low Fat Recipe from the Fitness and Freebies website


Cabbage Salad


Chilled Mung Bean Noodles with Dulse & Crushed Peanuts


Herbal Salad Dressings, Several Choices


Lime Salad Dressing, with Green Salad


Lime-Mint Dressing


Green Bean Recipes, Severa


Green Goddess Dressing


Green Soybean Salad


Oriental Green Beans


**Green Lunch / Dinner Ideas**


Avocado Burritos, Green


Baby Bok Choy, Soy-Glazed


Baby Bok Choy, Stir Fried


Broccoli Soup, Simple


Bund Gobi Aur Matar-India 


Chard Suprise


Chinese Greens Choy/Mustard Sum Recipe


Chinese Greens @ recipes at this blog: Crystalbyblog


Garlic Parsley Dandelion Greens


Green Chiles, How to Roast at the website


Green Chile and Mung Bean Soup


Green Chile Soup


Green Chile Blog, another great soup or sauce recipe


Green Fajitas


Green Mung Bean Dal


Green Split Peas with Zesty Mustard Sauce


 Grill Roasted Green Chilies Stuffed with Guacomole


Mixed Green Salad recipe at Epicurious website


Mint Chutney, A blood cleanser to eat with your Mung Beans, soup or other vegetable dishes


Mung Bean Stew from the vegan-food website


Lentil Soup, French Green


Lentil Soup, Green


Soup, Green


Soup, Quick Green from the website


Soup, Magical Leek (from the book French Women Don't Get Fat - This soup is eaten in France for two days betweens seasons to give the body a rest and get ready for the next season, try a batch on this Green Cleanse)


Soup, Split Pea


Soup Vegetable, Green


Spinach and Split Peas


Steamed Vegetables Simple, Green


Steamed Asian Greens with Honey Soy Sesame Dressing


Stuffed Brinjals (small round green eggplants)


Super Spinach Soup


Tacos, Green


Yogi Mush


Zucchini with Garlic and Dried Crushed Red Pepper


**Green Drink / Smoothie Ideas**


Mint Tea, Fresh


Dr. Yogis Green Drink


Yogi Tea, Homemade in Various Quantities


**Green Snack Ideas**


Dip, Artichoke


Dip, Guacamole


Dip, Mung Dahl Bean at Cyber Parent website


Dip, Mungous (similar to Hummous Dip, but Green)


Dip, Tomatillo Pistachio Salsa


Dip, Tomatillo Hot Sauce


Dippers, Veggie slices - zucchini, cucumber slices or any other green veggie that works - broccoli is great too!


Edamamme Pods warmed with a bit of salt (open and enjoy) at this Japanese Food website


Green Grapes, A bunch of


Kale Chips, Baked


Honeydew, 1 Bowl of, cut in 1" pieces


Kiwis, 1 Bowl of, Halve a few kiwis - eat the inside with a spoon


Olives, Green (check your health food store's olive bar, yummy jalapeño stuffed)


Pesto, Spinach, Artichoke and Green Olive


**Green Desserts**


In eating the sorbet/gelato desserts below, keep in mind you are on a cleanse and eating cold food can be a shock to your system. Eating something frozen once in a while is fine, but not all the time.


Jasmine-Mint Sorbet


Kiwi Sorbet


Lime Flavored Honeydew Popsicles


See more desserts below that are a bit of a stretch to the Green Diet, but still work if you need them to


**Feel a Need For More Protein on This Green Diet?**

The Below Foods are a Stretch for the Green Diet - use sparingly with discretion when integrating nuts, grains and dairy on the Green Diet


Cautionary Preface:  When times get tough on this cleanse and you need either a creative fix, more protein or just something different, below are some choices with nuts & grains, yogurt. The suggestion for nuts and grains in the are original Green Diet is to have a hand full of nuts and a portion of cooked grains once a week for more protein, but don't over do it! By eating too many nuts and grains you'll give yourself a stomach ache and defeat the purpose of your fast. 


Yogurt on the Green Diet?  Sounds crazy eh?  You won't believe how many people have told me I really want to do the Green Cleanse, but I just can't ditch my yogurt.  I say, fantastic and more power to you if yogurt helps you stay on the Green Cleanse.  JUST DON'T OVER DO IT and instead of guilt tripping yourself about it, think about all the bad stuff you are eliminating from your diet while you are eating the majority of green foods and pat yourself on the back if yogurt helps you stick with it.  If you want the yogurt to be green, put a teaspoon of Chlorophyll in or make medicinal Golden Yogurt (Siri Ved's recipe).  The Chlorophyll will give it a healthy & beautiful green hue.  Chlorophyll is delicious, here's what I am talking about.  Just remember if you are going to add it to food for color you may not want to buy the mint flavored chlorophyll, which is the other choice.


Some of the below foods are a bit of a stretch to be included in the Green Diet and some foods like nuts and grains were meant only to have once a week's original Green Diet. Deviate as you need to with the below suggestion and get back into the original Green Diet indicated at the top of this page as soon as you can. Eating too many of the below foods defeats the purpose of cleansing. Note: Golden Yogurt has higher medicinal properties than plain. Good Luck!


Plain Yogurt (homemade has more live cultures) If you can't ditch your yogurt, which many people have told me when they are on the Green Diet.


Golden Yogurt at the healthy net website


Green Onion Dip herb mix - from Frontier Soup's website - Mix with Tofutti Sour Cream


Green Tahini Sauce - For steams and salads


Regular Tahini (sesame paste) spread on Rice Crackers (On the Green Diet, if you have a need for more protein then eat handful of nuts and/or grains - just don't over do)


Baked Rice Crackers




Mung Bean Pudding


Mung Beans & Rice serves 6-8


Mung Beans & Rice - at the Midland Yoga Center's website serves 8-10


Pepitas (pumpkin seeds) - great on a green salad


Nut Crust, Green Pistachio Sweet, Pepita Salty


Hot Apple Pie with a Pistachio Nut Crust, Green


Pistachio Gelato (dairy/non)


Pistachio Nuts (a hand full occasionally when you need more protein - soak first for easier digestion if you have time)


Pumpkin Seed Butter on Amazon - Spread on celery if you feel like you need more protein


Soybean Pohe, Green at an Indian Cook's Blog


Tofu Recipe, Green (2nd recipe from the bottom)


Waldorf Salad, Green


Yogurt & Ghee (Clarified Butter)


**All About Mung Beans and Some More Recipes**


All about the Mung Bean and some creative recipes from the boloji website


Cooking with Mung Beans the Ayurvedic Way from the selfgrowth website including some creative recipes


About Mung Bean Sprouts from the website


Mung Bean recipes the fooddownunder website (if any of the recipes call for meat, substitute with vegetable)


Green Tomatoes (this is a vegan blog)


Healthy Green Food Ideas for St. Patty's Day


**Pritam Hari's Neutral Suggestions on the Green Diet**


Pritam Hari Kaur's (Pritam Hari is one of the Lead Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainers in South Africa and owns a health food store where she has been guiding people towards health for decades.  Her "neutral items"  when doing the Green Cleanse include:

  •     spices: salt, vegetable stock powder, spike, bragg, soya sauce, miso.
  •     apple cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar, umeboshi vinegar, rice vinegar - falls under condiments for me. (aside from giving flavour, miso heals a colon that's busy detoxing and helps vit B12 production)
  •     lemon or lime juice
  •     yogi tea, green tea, jasmine tea.. any teas, even with mild caffeine content, if people take caffeine other than hardcore coffee or tea. good way to soften and chill around caffeine issue.
  •     ground linseed and psyllium husk - good to have as a therapeutic to work the colon. not everybody eliminates really well during the green diet. some people are bloated and windy for a while          before things loosen up
  •     cold-pressed flax seed oil. nutritional supplements work well and deeply when we detox; the body 'gets' it
  •     honey, fructose, agave syrup, maple syrup, xylitol - anything but hardcore, sugar. just because we do need something sweet every now and zen
  •     nutritional yeast flakes (would be BCo if it was in tablet form and does flavour things rather nicely)


 Below is a Green Foods List, which includes many green foods that are not mentioned in the original diet (for the original Green Cleanse guidelines see the details top of this web page). The Green Foods List below includes green foods of all types. If you can think of other green foods or green food recipes, please email them to me at Depending on how it fits into the scheme of the Green Cleanse, I will post the recipes you send me on this recipe page or the following green foods list:


**Green Foods for the Green Cleanse, List of**


There's no fee for this cleanse, but phone appointments are available for cleanse guidance. Private cooking lessons are also available if you are local. If you are interested in making an in-person or phone appointment, call 951-696-9063 ext. 105 or email

An alternative suggestion for cleansing is an herbal fiber cleanse.  Fiber makes a great colon cleanse because of its ability to expand within the colon, sweeping out impacted wastes and toxins on its way through the digestive tract.  A fiber cleanse is a gentle cleansing alternative to that of altering one's diet.

The suggestions within this Cleanse are not medical advice. Consulting with your health practitioner is advisable before starting any food cleanse, diet modification or supplements. If you choose to participate in this cleanse, it is at your own risk. This cleanse in not recommended for pregnant or nursing moms, children or diabetics.