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Let Your Armpits Breathe!!!

Let your armpits breatheeeeeeeee!


How commercial deodorants and/or antiperspirants are loaded with chemicals and don't allow toxins to eliminate from the body.


There’s a reason for underarm perspiration. It’s one of four ways in which we eliminate toxins. The other ways are through urine, respiration and bowel movements.


If you’re using an antiperspirant, in particular, you’re essentially blocking the pores that would normally secrete perspiration that contains acidic waste. By not allowing this normal bodily function to occur, the toxins store in the body, possibly in the lymph glands.


However, if you’re just using a deodorant without an antiperspirant, you’re still perspiring, which is a good thing. And the deodorant is essentially just masking the odor.


The problem with both commercial deodorants and/or antiperspirants is that they contain quite a few dangerous chemicals. Most antiperspirants (and some deodorants) contain aluminum which studies have linked to Alzheimer’s disease, and overall, is considered highly toxic to the brain.


Moreover, both deodorants and/or antiperspirants contain triclosan, an antibacterial agent, which may negatively affect those with compromised immune systems. They also contain propylene glycol, which provides the moisture quality of these products. However, this petroleum-based chemical, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, is a suspected neurotoxin known for causing enlarged sweat glands, cysts, dermatitis and throat and lung irritation.


Then, in regards to aerosol commercial deodorant and/or antiperspirants, they contain talc found to be a carcinogenic by a governmental testing agency. They also contain aluminum and petroleum-based chemicals that are easily inhaled due to the fine mist from the aerosol.

In addition, almost commercial and/or antiperspirants contain synthetic (man-made) fragrances consisting of usually three or four other chemicals.


These products can also be more hazardous to women due to shaving under the arms, which often causes imperceptible nicks in the skin allowing the chemicals to further penetrate. Concerns have been raised by many people as to whether or not these chemicals are linked to breast cancer, and though it has not been proven, it still begs the question.


And if that’s not enough, most of the commercial brands will eventually leave that irritating yellow stain under your arms of what used to be some of your favorite articles of clothing!


There are a lot of natural deodorants available in most natural health stores. Though, they don’t always get rid of odor. One, however, that works exceptionally well for most people are natural crystals.


They are 100% fragrance and chemical-free. And they’re not an antiperspirant, so they’re not blocking the pores. Yet, for most people anyway, they stifle odor by actually killing odor-causing bacteria. Typically, it lasts for up to 24 hours.


Crystal deodorants are also very reasonably priced and can often last up to a year!


There’s one company, in particular, that sells to many of the natural health stores or online. This particular brand is well-known for working just as well as their commercial counterparts.


They sell all different types of deodorants. The stick-version, though, is a particular favorite among customers and comes in two versions, the pink container is for women and the blue for men.


If you’re interested in finding out about their products, feel free to peruse their website!


Note: There are also other really good companies who sell natural crystals. This just happens to be one that zLighthouse knows has great products!


(Written by zLighthouse, article: 01ygayba)


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