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Create your own Serving Opportunity

Serving Opportunities (create your own):


make a difference in your community - and use this website to spread the word


If it is good to help build community and/or it helps bring people together for a good cause, you can get your event listed on this Friends page. For example if you wanted to organize a monthly hike or a clean up the creek group to meet on a regular basis, a web page can easily be built for free within this website so people can be referred to this Friends page for more details of your event.


Other regular, organized social events could range from targeting various age groups to including all ages with groups that include coming together for various good causes or the need for community. It can stem from endless creative possibilities for examples, various hobby groups, to arts & crafts group, a walking group, help the elders group, go to the movies together group, holiday social group, jogging group, hiking group, various sports group, camping club, clean up the litter groups, travel club, photography club, cultural support group (this could be one or more groups from different countries supporting each other in their own culture and/or an open group of cultures sharing values of their own culture and learning about the wisdom of other cultures), moms clubs, new moms support groups, a working moms club would be great, a moon lodge for women, a menopausal support group, meditation groups, coffee clutches, board game groups, various support groups - grief of loss, cancer support, dinner or cooking type clubs etc...


If you are interested in starting up a group and would like to see it listed here on this Friends page please email me from the instructors page or call me at 951-696-9063 ext, 105 (call especially if you email and don't hear back after a short time, sometimes new emails go into my junk mailbox) - Thanks, Atma


P.S. Besides this website the community section of our local Californian newspaper is a good place to let people know about your group, talk with me about those details.