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Bieler Broth

                                                                (Potassium Broth)

From:  Food Is Your Best Medicine
by Henry G. Bieler, MD

6 medium Zucchini
1 LB Green beans (fresh or frozen)
5 stems of Celery
20-30 sprigs of Parsley
Clean/cut into small chunks, cover w/spring water, boil 3 minutes, simmer for 15 minutes w/lid on. 


Puree as needed.


This makes enough for three days for one person.  It is best not to store for more than 3 days.


Small amount of unsalted butter may be added per serving.


Bieler Broth benefits each and every cell of you body,.  It does this by balancing the necessary and natural sodium (extra-cellular) with the natural potassium (intra-cellular) of each cell. 


This allows your organs to function optimally (Liver, pancreas, kidneys and intestines), as it has a gentle effect on helping to eliminate waste through normal channels of elimination, while it nourishes you.


Learning more about Dr. Bieler's views on how to minimize symptoms naturally, through eating correctly and modifying your behavior to help your body, refer to his book at the beginning of this paper.