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Simple Steamed Vegetables

A good variety of Seasonal Vegetables prepared, cleaned, cut into bite size pieces


A steamer insert for your pan or an electronic steamer appliance with a timer. Either works well.

Put water in the bottom of your steamer. Steam vegetables until tender inside, but slightly firm and colorful on the outside. Use a fork to see if they are tender inside. Between 15 and 20 minutes of steaming is good depending on the vegetable (if doing carrots be sure to cut them thin). Beets always take longer even if you cut them thin. Try putting them in first and steam for 10 minutes before adding the other veggies. When done, serve over plain Basmati Rice or Lemon Rice or even a baked potato with Lemon Tahini Sauce drizzled over top and some homemade yogurt on side. You can also serve with a side of tofu or walnuts sprinkled over top for more protein.


Recipe by Atma Kaur Khalsa 9/15/2007