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Mung Beans & Rice Cleanse with Recipes and Meal Suggestions

The Mung Beans and Rice Cleanse


Getting Started and Getting Ready for the Cleanse


If you are concerned you cannot do this cleanse for 30 days, commit to it for only 10 or 15 days.  After being successful in this shorter time period, then try it for the full 30 days.  Your discipline will strengthen through practice and experience.  Once you've experience how cleansing affects your physical body, you get why it's important to cleanse. 



This is a good cleansing diet which still gives you plenty of nourishment if you have to work hard. It is a good winter fast, and it is especially recommended for people over forty. Mung Beans and Rice is good for the kidneys, colon and digestive organs. It is also beneficial in cases of constipation, or when food is not being digested thoroughly by the intestines. Mung beans are a very easily assimilated form of protein. Combined with rice and cooked until they have a soupy consistency, they are really a "predigested" food. (See Mung Beans and Rice recipe below).


For thirty days, eat only mung beans and rice at mealtimes, with lots of fresh vegetables cooked into the same dish. Fruit may be eaten between meals as a snack, and you can drink yogi tea. As a variation, you can eat mung beans and rice with yogurt. In the winter, you can grind chiles into it to make it hot spicy.


You can live on this diet alone for years and years and be very healthy. In India, there was a very saintly person. Mung beans and rice with yogurt was his entire diet. He would make it each night and eat it for breakfast the next morning. That man was a radiant light, just from the food he eat. People would come from all over to be healed by this man. Each morning they would form a line outside his door. Whatever sickness they had, he would give them mung beans and rice with yogurt. And they would be cured! That's why it is called the food of the angels. It has protein, carbohydrates, everything you need.



The recipes just below are the main staples of this cleanse. Although the above cleanse is perfect in itself, below are suggestions you can use on this cleanse and still be close to the guidelines of the original cleanse as listed above. Please send any recipes you think might work with this cleanse, given they fit into the scheme of this cleanse, I'll post them on this web page. Send to


Main Staples of This Cleanse

Breakfast / Drinks / Smoothie Ideas

Salad / Dressing Ideas

Lunch / Dinner Ideas

Snack Ideas


All About Mung Beans and Some More Recipes




Main Staples of This Cleanse


Fruit of any kind between meals


Mung Beans & Rice serves 10-12


Mung Beans & Rice for Children


Mung Beans & Rice Masala Recipe for Freezing Ahead of Time (it's for the above recipe)


Yogi Tea, Homemade in Various Quantities


Yogurt & Ghee (Clarified Butter)


Golden Yogurt at the healthy net website


Recipe Suggestions for This Cleanse


**Breakfast/Drinks/Smoothies Ideas**


Apples, Stewed or Stuffed and Baked with Homemade Yogurt


Banana, Honey Broiled


Broiled Bananas


Blueberry Baby Smoothie From the book French Women Don't Get Fat


Dr. Yogis Green Drink


Fresh Fruit Salad with Honey Vanilla Yogurt on TV Food Network's website


Golden Yogurt at the healthy net website


Green Smoothie (Watch Jenna how to make from Blip.TV)


Green Smoothies are simple – take any fresh greens you like and blend them with fruit. My current favorite is spinach with 2 big pears. Spinach builds strong bones! And a clean colon, but Popeye was quiet about that. Remember the Variety Rule – don’t eat today what you ate yesterday. Blend different fruits and greens each day. Vita-Mix is the best blender. From the eatsprouts website.


Fresh Juice A Juice Feasting Blog


Juice to cure constipation on ehow


Mint Tea, Fresh


Strawberry-Banana Smoothie, Dairy-Free from the food allergies website


Yogi Tea, Homemade in Various Quantities


**Salad / Dressing Ideas**


Broccoli & Green Beans Low Fat Recipe from the Fitness and Freebies website


Fruit Salad, Delightful


Green Bean Recipes, Several


Green Goddess Dressing


Herbal Salad Dressings, Several Choices


Mixed Green Salad recipe at Epicurious website


Tahini Dressing Recipes (for steams, salads, etc. - it's so yummy!!)


**Lunch/Dinner Ideas**


Because the Mung Bean and Rice Diet includes mung beans, basmati rice and lots of vegetables/fruit, below are some creative ways of bringing those ingredients together in different ways and still maintain the integrity of this diet (you can also use most of the recipes off the Green Cleanse for this Mung Beans & Rice cleanse, just not the green lentil & split pea recipes due Mung Beans being the main staple of this cleanse as well as nuts because you are already getting protein from the rice/mung bean, yogurt combinations):


Basmati Rice


Green Chiles, How to Roast at the website


Green Chile and Mung Bean Soup


Green Mung Bean Dal




Lemon Rice


Mung Bean Casserole from the veg-world website


Mung Bean Soup from website or Tiffany's Recipe Box


Mung Bean Stew from the vegan-food website


Quick Green Soup from the website


Simple Steams with Tahini Sauce link


Yogi Mush


**Snack Ideas**


Dip, Artichoke


Dip, Guacamole


Edamamme Pods warmed with a bit of salt (open and enjoy) at this Japanese Food website


Fruit of any kind between meals


Mung Dahl Bean Dip at Cyber Parent website


Mung Bean Chaat


Mungous Dip (similar to Hummus, but Green)


Any baked Rice Cracker is good on this cleanse




In eating the sorbet/gelato desserts below, keep in mind you are on a cleanse and eating cold food can be a shock to your system. Eating something frozen once in a while is fine, but not all the time.


Fruit, Your Choice of


Banana, Honey Broiled


Broiled Bananas


Kiwi Sorbet


Lime Flavored Honeydew Popsicles


Mung Bean Pudding


When times get tough on this diet and you need either a creative fix or or just something different, here are some healthy choices (just remember that these suggestions are not part of the original Mung Beans & Rice Diet. Sidetracking a little bit with something healthy, but different alternatives is ok to help you stay on the Mung Beans & Rice Diet, but getting back into it as indicated at the top of this web page is encouraged. Good Luck!


Oatmeal with Grated Apple, Grandma Louise's From the book French Women Don't Get Fat


**All About Mung Beans and Some More Recipes**


All about the Mung Bean and some creative recipes from the boloji website


Cooking with Mung Beans the Ayurvedic Way from the selfgrowth website including some creavtive recipes


About Mung Bean Sprouts from the website


Mung Bean recipes the fooddownunder website (be sure to substitute vegetables for any meat choices)


A scoop on why not to eat eggs

Y\ Mostly the reason is because of the concentrated protein (causing uric acid wihich over-taxes the liver) and also because it pollutes the blood. Tofu helps to clean the blood. He has also explained that most of the controversy over eggs is based on a protein phobia. Keep in mind that the body does not require a lot of protein, and as long as you include some dairy products in your diet and eat a wide array of vegetables (lots of greens), you should not be really concerned about it.


 There's no fee for this cleanse, but phone appointments are available for cleanse guidance. Private cooking lessons are also available if you are local. If you are interested in making an in-person or phone appointment, call 951-696-9063 ext. 105 or email


The suggestions within this Cleanse are not medical advice. Consulting with your health practitioner is advisable before starting any food cleanse or diet modification. If you choose to participate in this cleanse, it is at your own risk. This cleanse in not recommended for pregnant or nursing moms, children or diabetics.