Kundalini Yoga for Temecula, Murrieta, and Lake Elsinore


Friends and Resources

Yoga Teachers Trainers/Therapists/Coaches/Yoga Events:

Yoga in Temecula, Murrieta and Lake Elsinore with Atma K. Khalsa, Yoga Healing

Senses of the Soul - Emotional Self-Therapy with GuruMeher

KRI - Kundalini Research Institute 

IKYTA - International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association

3HO - Happy Healthy Holy Foundation - Summer/Winter Solstice Events

White Tantric Yoga Schedule

Research on Yoga

Vital Therapies with Jeanine Otavka, CHT, MT 951-308-1252 or 951-704-6225
Yoga is for Large People Too, Supporting Websites

European Yoga Federation

World Movement for Yoga & Ayurveda


More Kundalini Yoga Related:

Yoga in Temecula, Murrieta and Lake Elsinore with Atma K. Khalsa, Yoga Healing

Ancient Healing Ways.Com - Kundalini Yoga books, DVD's and other yoga items.
SpiritVoyage.Com - You can play clips and purchase the soothing music played in the yoga classes.

Check out the world scene of 3HO.Website which hosts Kundalini Yoga events and more.

Find a Kundalini Yoga teacher in your area through the IKYTA website.

The Internet Yogi - Medical research done on the beneficial effects of Kundalini Yoga for Mental Illness & More -

Kundalini Yoga Teachers Training at Yoga West in Los Angeles.

Yoga teachers found on Yoga Finder's website

KRI Teaching.ORG website

Excel and Celebrate at the Women's Camp website

Winter Solstice Lake Wales Florida 2007 YOU TUBE

Kundalini Singles Yahoo Groups Forum

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation related items from

Sadhana Meditations

Japji Sahib on UTUBE

Two separate Yahoo Groups focused on Kundalini Yoga:

Graduation Slideshow of the first

Kundalini Training in Encinitas:

All About White Tantric Yoga


Mantra To Find Lost Things
Guru Amar Guru Siri Sata
Kaal Juga Rakhee Pata
Raaj Jog Thakhata Dhiaan
Guru Ram Das
Ardaas Bhaee Amar Daas Guru
Amar Daas Guru Ardaas Bhaaee
Ram Das Guru Ram Das Guru
Ram Das Guru Sachee Saahee



"Alakh Baba Siri Chandh Day Rakh" If under psychic attack it will reflect the energy back.

Translation: This mantra calls upon the help of Baba Siri Chandh, who was the son of Guru Nanak, the first Sikh Guru. He was sent by his father to teach the basic tenets of Sikhism to the yogis in the Himalayas.


Yoga Studios:

3ho - San Diego - Kundalini Yoga

Yoga Oasis in San Diego


Some people's stores

Our True Tales


Other Kundalini Yoga Websites/Blogs:

Yoga Technology

San Diego Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga Sets and Meditations on the Kundalini-Matashakti website

A Kundalini Yoga Blog in South Bend Indiana

A Kundalini Yoga Website in Wisconsin

Mr. Sikhnet Kundalini Yoga Archives

Kundalini Website/Blog

Kundalini Yoga Info Center 


Birthing Resources, Shopping and More / Mommy & Baby Support:

Mommy & Baby Planner PDF file

Moms Club

The Learning Loft in Temecula a Mommy & Baby Studio

Anna Maria Loven, Bella Belly - Belly Casting and Pregnancy Massage - 951-240-9568 -

Need a basket made for your nurses station when arriving at the hospital in labor or any other occasion - Call the Basket Lady, Judy Burnham @ 951-672-3567

Birthing From Within - Holistic Childbirth Preparation Courses - Call Gabrielle Lucido for her current course 818-730-6389

Loren Scott Photography - 800-778-1779 (pregnancy & infant photography)

New Life Ultra Sound in Murrieta 3D/4D Imaging Studio 951-894-6539 www.newlifeultrasound email:

Tools to empower parents to consciously support and nurture their children, Traci Gaffney

Be in community always and especially when pregnant and when nursing your babies: Here's a UTUBE presentation on how Geese do it!!

Cheryl Clift, Mommy & Me Classes 760.390.4967


Birthing Midwives Serving Temecula/Murrieta and Surrounding Areas:

Karen Pecora, LM/CPM with Blessed Beginnings Midwifery - (951) 970-5437


Birth Doula's in Murrieta/Temecula Area:

Debra Bochinski, Labor Doula 760-500-1281

Natural Childbirth Education -- Bradley - Labor Doula - Barbara Ann Powell, BS, AAHCC 951-303-9022 in Temecula

Melissa Good 951-694-2102 cell 951-526-2921 email:
All About Birth and Babies website

Tracy Osborne, Birth Doula - email: phone 951-551-1538

Tara Wilshusen - - Tara is a Certified Lactation Educator, Childbirth and Certified Doula.  She teaches Child Prep and Breastfeeding Classes at Pickles & Giggles in Temecula and runs their Breastfeeding Support Group - Her phone # is 951-704-6577

Doula Certification website from N. Calif. 


Doula Care After Baby is Born

In-Home Postpartum Support for Mom, Baby & Family

Doris Kitchin 951-233-0965 email:


Create your own Serving Opportunities 

 Moms Club

 Be in community always: Here's a UTUBE presentation on how Geese do it!!


Creative Products:

Beautiful and Powerful Pendants. neclaces, pins and more to help you Shine in your Sovereignty

Chakra Shades (illumination to the senses, chakras - body, mind and spirit)

Earth Change:

The Great Green Gadgets Website  


Enlightened and Educational Opportunities:

Local Kundalini Yoga Classes
Resources for Building Empathy and Compassion in Schools and Communities

Innernet Events - A calendar of spiritually uplifting events.

Temecula Newage Bookstore, Nirvana

For some beautiful art click here

Temecula/Murrieta Feng Shui and Astrologer

The Glen Ivy Center, Practical Spirituality on Sacred Land
Self Growth Website

Soul Answer, Intuition Training/Counseling (ck out the Yoga & Meditation section)

Regally Graceful - Podcasts and Teleseminars with Some Enlightened Folks

Enlightened Blogger

Unbelievable You

Voice / Piano Instructor in the Inland Valley Empire Caprice Dehlinger 951-522-4531 or - she is an awesome coach


Healing Modalities, Retreat Centers and Spas:
Christie Johnson teaches the Alexander Technique in Temecula

Sharon Ackerman, PA-C, MSP Integrative Medicine Specialist 951-699-0848

Click here for Diane Mandle with Sound Energy Healing

Click here for Sotantar and Sound Healing and Planet Gongs

Dr. Todd Donohoe, DC works with new families and has attachment parenting values

For a great massage, check out Wendy

Enjoy a relaxing time at Glen Ivy Spa

Spiritual Renewal Center and Events Locally at The Glen Ivy Center

NIA - Dance to your hearts content - creative - energetic - focused - toned - graceful strong - Sherry Zita - 310-433-9195 / Classes in Temecula Area

West Coast Chiropractic Dr. Jeremy Schembri, Murrieta

Dr. Felicia Briones-Colman, M.D. 951-514-9395 Specializes in Preventative Medicine and Treatment of Complex Health Issues


Health Supplements / Personal Care:

Ayurvedic medicine site

A great online source for vitamins and more

Bernard Jensen's heatlh products Website
Why let your armpits breathe!!!! If you click you'll go the website

Turbans - Chunies - Wood Combs - Kungas - Hair Sticks - Shawls for sale at the turban guy website

Improve Your Vitality and Meditation with Long Hair

More on why to keep you hair

Innerworks Wellness for Ayurvedic Lifestyle Tips See:

A website with lots of healthy information

A Health Oriented Website:

Yogis DeStress & Sleep Routine and Yogis Rise & Shine Routine

Flu Remedy

Relief for the common cold

Yogic Tips for fighting flu & colds

Yogic Food on the 3HO website

Brain Longevity with Dr. Dharma

Healthy Chocolate - Isabel Cohen 951-697-0070 951-961-1228 cell

Alum & Salt Tooth / Gum Powder for Daily Detoxification

Daily Routine for the Yogi


Health Related Websites/Blogs:

5 Reasons For Healthy Food Choices


Photography Websites/Blogs, Beautiful:



Fitwize -Bobbi Klein - Fitwize 4 Kids - 951-553-0775

Laura Bruno with The Referral Institute Harnessing the power of word of mouth marketing - 951.699.2558 email:

Loren Scott Photography - 800-778-1779

Video Adventures - Video Productions -

Ken Bennett - 951-678-3867 / 800-416-3453




Kentucky Fried Chicken Cruelty

Vegetarian Support

Nourishing Cuisine


Videos on the Web I like:

An Elephant that paints


Volunteer for Change:


USA Freedom Corps

Peace Corps



Women's Technology Blogs & Websites

Women's Camp for Recharging

Be a Woman (website/blog)

Soul Answer

Menopause Bible

Wise Women Ways

Online Herb Company


Yoga Teachers Trainers/Therapists/Coaches: - GuruMeher Singh

Yoga in Temecula, Murrieta and Lake Elsinore with Atma K. Khalsa, Yoga Healing

Research on Yoga

Vital Therapies with Jeanine Otavka, CHT, MT 951-308-1252 or 951-704-6225
Yoga is for Large People Too, Supporting Websites

European Yoga Federation

World Movement for Yoga & Ayurveda


Our Local City Connection:

Chamber of Commerce Temecula

Chamber of Commerce Murrieta

Farmer's Market in Temecula

City of Temecula

City of Murrieta

City of Lake Elsinore


Our Neighbor Cities Event Calendars:

San Diego


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