Kundalini Yoga for Temecula, Murrieta, and Lake Elsinore

Daily Routine for the Yogi

Daily Routine


Arise (before the sun)


Excrete wastes


Brush teeth and gums, scrape tongue


Tooth powder: alum, salt, black pepper, turmeric


Clean eyes (cold water, etc.)


Shower (cold)


Spiritual practice (“sadhana”- yoga, prayer)


Ointment to eyes (a drop of ghee works well)


Clean elimination systems:


Nose- sniff: black pepper, ginger


Throat- gargle: astringent (triphala, etc.) or oil (i.e. sesame, etc.)


Chest- inhale: eucalyptus oil, menthol, etc.


Fragrance- flowers, incense


Breakfast as appropriate


Work portion of day


Exercise- before- massage with oil, after- with medicated powder (triphala, etc.). Bathe.


Lunch as appropriate


Remainder of activities (work, etc.)


Supper as appropriate (light)


Prepare for bed (meditation, etc.)


Wash feet, hands, apply oil to feet and head




Brush the teeth, the gums AND the tongue to pull out toxins from the mouth.  The best toothpowder has 2 parts potassium alum and 1 part salt.  It draws out the mucus and the bacteria that has accumulated.  Brush the root of the tongue until you gag and choke and your eyes water.  The watering of the eyes is said to prevent cataracts.  When you brush the back of the tongue and gag, two balls of mucus will come up from the "monkey glands".  These glands are responsible for collecting toxins that have drained from the system overnight.  This should be done upon rising from sleep.  This mucus has to come out, otherwise it will go back into the body when you swallow, and pollute your system.
From The Ancient Art of Self-Healing by Yogi Bhajan
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The suggestions within this Daily are not medical advice. Consulting with your health practitioner is advisable before starting any daily routine or life style modification. If you choose to participate in this routine, it is at your own risk.