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Green Soup

a light broth based "green" soupĀ 


for 16 ounces of soup:
16 ounces of your favorite broth, intense flavor is better.
16 ounces water with favorite broth paste.

1 cup fresh spinach (important that it be fresh) torn in small pieces

3/4 cup small dice celery

3/4 cup thin slices zuchinni, then quartered
1 large very fresh scallion, sliced thinly all the way up
boil broth then turn down heat
add vegetables to broth , cook till just tender
add 1 teaspoon dry onion flakes(i like the toasted flavor)(optional)
toss in a couple of pinches of garlic.

This is very light, almost no calories and very flavorful from the veggies and garlic.



This recipe is from vegetarian _group from the yahoo groups website.