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Dr. Yogis Green Drink

Dr. Yogis Green Drink
A Yogic Breakfast Drink for Yogis-On-The-Go


There are so many healing ingredients to help one feel more vital. To name a few, Chlorophyll, Rice Bran Syrup, Turmeric, Almonds, Almond Oil, Pomegranate Juice, Yogi Tea, Sesame Oil, Whey and Yogurt (with live cultures and homemade being the best). This recipe includes those healing ingredients and a few others. This is not his recipe or idea to combine all of these ingredients at once. His recipes were geared toward specific health goals. It is, however, an amazing healthful drink designed for everyday. It is called "Dr. Yogis Green Drink" because you become your own Dr. Yogi when you combine, drink and benefit from it. This cleansing, nutritious and enjoyable green drink ignites your vitality and youth with energy until noon. There is NO blending, adding fruit or juicing necessary. It’s easy to stir, pour, add some quick items, shake and go with this natural breakfast drink. It fills you up, cleans you out and picks you up all at the same time. The ingredients have numerous benefits for your whole body. You can read about them below by clicking the links near the ingredients.

You'll mix your Base Liquid once a week (Sunday is perfect) and keep in the frig to use that week. You are mixing enough Base Liquid for a week's worth of healthy shakes. This drink can last up to two to three weeks in your frig depending on what liquid you use ie. soy, rice or almond milk, or tea, juice. This makes it convenient if you miss a day or even a few days. Start up again the next morning or carry over what you have stored in your frig to the next week. It’s best to drink it at room temperature, if possible. It's a good idea to pack a banana or healthy snack in case you get hungry before lunchtime.

Equipment Needed:

A Tupperware pitcher or pouring container with lid approx. 84 oz or two liter container with tight fitting lid, a good whisk, and measuring utensils, 16oz shake cup with lid (click here to see one type), spice or coffee grinder for almonds (nice but not necessary).

Add the following ingredients to your approx. 84oz or two liter container:

Base Liquid Ingredients for 5-6 days worth of healthy shakes

  • 48oz or 1 1/2 quarts Liquid – low sugar liquid – Here is a variety of choices – you can switch around using these:
  • Straight Unsweetened Herbal or Raw Yogi Tea or ½ Soy, Rice or Almond Milk and ½ Tea or straight Soy, Rice or Almond Milk
  • OR straight Unsweetened Blueberry Juice, Pomegranate Juice, Unfiltered Apple Juice or OJ (Trader Joe's has all these juices) or ½ Juice and ½ Tea or water combo

Add to the above 64 oz. of liquid:

Now, whisk or shake well. Before pouring your daily serving of 12 to 16 ounces, always whisk or shake first so you get all the great stuff it has to offer. Then add the quick items below to your drink each time and shake well before drinking.

Daily Additions:

Each day, whisk your Base Liquid well and then quickly pour 12 to 16 ounces into a shake cup that has a lid (remember you are trying to make your Base Liquid last for five to six days if possible). Then in each shake you will add:

Shake well and then drink slowly crunching the almonds. Yummy! Drink to Good Health!

This drink will help with your regular yoga practice. Enjoy Yoga in Murrieta, Temecula and Lake Elsinore. Wednesday evening classes are famous for healing food and community after class, hope to see you there click here for more details. For the weekly yoga class schedule click here. If you have any questions or come up with any other healthy combos for the liquid base please email Atma from the instructors page. It is through the grace of God that "Dr. Yogis Green Drink" has been brought to you. For more about Kundalini Yoga click here.

Recipe by Atma Kaur Khalsa 9/15/2007

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